To all our valued members,


We want to make sure you are getting the level of service you expect at Quiky Carwash. One area we can help is in the use of our membership lane. Both our locations have a lane with an automatic gate that is activated by your RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification Tag Device) usually located on your front windshield. The tag is scanned by our Reader located on pole left side of member lane and gate opens. On occasion, the gate does not open and this causes delays at the lane. We have isolated some of these events:

1. Card on file has expired (Card can be updated on our Website)
2. Card is declined (New card needs to be entered into our system)
3. Tag not read due to dirt on windshield
4. Tag not read due to tint on window. Unfortunate but some modern technology windows are too difficult for our system and require tag on door.
5. Tag not read due to temperature outside on windshield. Too cold or too hot can impact tag reading.
6. Speed of car is too fast approaching reader. Cars approaching gate too fast will not be read and need to back-up and approach slower.

Modern technology is not perfect, and we are trying to address all issues as best we can. In this modern age we are all in a rush, but we request your patience and understanding. Please take the time to roll down your window and shout out a “Hi” get to know our team. We are there to give you the best service and very much appreciate your business.

Thank You, -The Quiky Team