Check out our new service at Calle Joaquin!

We have a NEW Ezee-Mist machine. This machine is a vehicle service station providing compressed air tire inflation and a sanitizing mist spray.

Fast, effective coverage. Dispenses 4 to 5 ft. plume at one ounce per minute. Treats largest SUV’s quickly. Recommended vend time, three minutes. Kills all viruses, including COVID-19, bacteria and fungus when using EPA approved product

How does it Work?

After paying for the service, roll your window down about 1/2 way and evenly spray the mist throughout your vehicle. Wait 5 minutes before entering your vehicle. This chemical is safe for the interior and will not damage your car in any way. It is designed to disinfect the inside of your vehicle. The sanitizer is non-toxic.

The Safety Data Sheet information can be found on the QR code on the instruction sign next to the machine and at:

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