Quiky’s advanced speed, convenience and quality isn’t only for individual car owners. Now you can enjoy the same state-of-the art experience, friendly service and satisfaction for your fleet.

Quiky’s Fleet Program is designed to keep your fleet vehicles clean and protected at a very low cost, and to get your fleet vehicles back on the road and productive as quickly as possible. Join today to save time and money, while creating a great image for yourself and your company!

How It Works

Wireless radio frequency RFID tags are placed on the vehicle windshield. When the vehicle pulls up to the QuikyPay™ pay station in our dedicated express lane, an electronic sensor will read the RFID tag and the gate arm will immediately open, allowing your driver prompt access into the express car wash tunnel. A complete wash takes only about 3 minutes, saving your company valuable time and money.

Free Self Serve Vacuums

With every wash comes with free use of our self serve high volume vacuums.


Detailed reports on the number of washes by vehicle are available.


The pricing of the Fleet Program is significantly discounted from that of the standard retail value of a car wash. For more information send us an email at info@quikycarwash.com