Quiky is dedicated to helping our local community by raising much-needed money to benefit non-profit organizations and schools. We know how challenging raising money can be, that’s why we’ve created a program to make it as convenient and successful as possible.

How It Works

Here’s how a Quiky fundraising program works:
  • Quiky provides you with QuikyBook™ fundraiser wash books containing car wash coupons (you must show proof of charitable organization/non-profit status).
  • You sell the QuikyBook™ fundraiser wash books @ $XX Each.
  • You keep 50% of ALL of the money collected. ($XX for each book).
  • You raise much-needed money for your organization, and your supporters get a clean car and a smile on their face!

Why It Works

Everyone loves a clean car, because when your car looks great, you look and feel great too! Quiky offers the fastest, most convenient and technologically advanced car wash service on the Central Coast.

Who We Help

Quiky partners with local organizations including schools, church and synagogue groups, scouting and sports league organizations and other non-profit community organizations.

How Much We Can Help You Raise

Quiky can help partner organizations that have a target fundraising goal of approximately $500 – $5,000.

How Long a Campaign Runs

Up to 30 days

How Long QuikyBook™ Wash Certificates are Valid

Good for 1 year from purchase date

Program Restrictions

Certificates may NOT be sold on the premises of any Quiky Car Wash location. Use of the program is restricted to one sale month per year, per non-profit organization.

How to Get Started

  • Decide when you would like to run your fundraising program. You will have 30 days to sell your ticket books.
  • Estimate how many wash coupons you think your organization will sell in 30 days.
  • Download and complete the Fund Raising Application below.
  • For questions please e-mail us email at info@quikycarwash.com, or call (805) 439-2330.
  • Sign the Fundraising Agreement Form that we will send to you, and return it to us.
  • Pick up your tickets from our Quiky location on Broad Street. You must pay for all books at time of pickup; unused certificates may be returned at the end of the campaign for a refund.
  • Start raising MONEY for your worthy cause!
Fundraising Application