Member Lane

To all our valued members,


We want to make sure you are getting the level of service you expect at Quiky Carwash. One area we can help is in the use of our membership lane. Both our locations have a lane with an automatic gate that is activated by your RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification Tag Device) usually located on your front windshield. The tag is scanned by our Reader located on pole left side of member lane and gate opens. On occasion, the gate does not open and this causes delays at the lane. We have isolated some of these events:

1. Card on file has expired (Card can be updated on our Website)
2. Card is declined (New card needs to be entered into our system)
3. Tag not read due to dirt on windshield
4. Tag not read due to tint on window. Unfortunate but some modern technology windows are too difficult for our system and require tag on door.
5. Tag not read due to temperature outside on windshield. Too cold or too hot can impact tag reading.
6. Speed of car is too fast approaching reader. Cars approaching gate too fast will not be read and need to back-up and approach slower.

Modern technology is not perfect, and we are trying to address all issues as best we can. In this modern age we are all in a rush, but we request your patience and understanding. Please take the time to roll down your window and shout out a “Hi” get to know our team. We are there to give you the best service and very much appreciate your business.

Thank You, -The Quiky Team

Quiky Car Wash Moment – Using the Car Wash

To all our Valued Customers:

We at Quiky want all of your visits to be a great experience. To help us make this happen we would like to share a few tips to get the best out of your Quiky Car Wash experience.

• Bugs and dirt on front of vehicles: Carwashes generally do a great job removing bugs and dirt off the front of your vehicles. Quiky has moved to using brushes and bug and tar remover that can help in getting a majority of stuck on bug and dirt. Depending on how long the bugs have been there and age of your vehicle will determine if the bugs can be removed. Older vehicles, where the top coat finish is fading and bugs that have been dried for several days by sun and heat from your engine will not able to be removed by our car wash. Quiky Car washes do not utilize any equipment that can remove these stubborn, stuck on stains. We recommend using a Bug and Tar remover application, which can be purchased at any automotive store, prior to visiting our car wash. Some of our members stay on top of these issues by washing their vehicle regularly using our monthly membership plans.
• Trucks and Truck beds: We ask all our truck driving customers to remove all loose debris from their truck beds. Excessive leaves, straw, dirt, etc. get into our Reclaim water system and impact the ability of our wash to properly clean the water. Cost of pumping tanks and filling landfills can be greatly reduced with your help. Excessive mud under truck wheel wells and undercarriages get into our trench and filtration system. This causes clogging and, at times, shutting down of our car wash while we pump out and clean our trenches. Simply hosing or scraping of dirt will make the wash a pleasurable and clean experience for all our guests.
• Loose vehicles parts: Older vehicles or vehicles with loose or damaged parts such as license plates, loose trim, molding, fenders or bumpers that are damaged can get detached in our car wash and be pulled off causing your vehicle or another customer’s vehicle to be scratched or damaged. We provide tape for loose trim, wipers or loose fenders. It is up to you to check your vehicle and make sure you can utilize our car wash. We would be happy to discuss any concern with you and want to make sure you have a great and Quiky Wash on your next visit.
• Car Wash Speed: We are a very popular neighborhood car wash and we are grateful to all that visit our locations. We do want you to understand the speed in which our car wash conveyor moves is set to get the best wash with our soaps, rinse and dryers. To enable us to get you through quickly, please follow the instruction of our attendants, keep foot of brake, car in neutral and hands of the steering wheel. Please pay attention while in car wash. To our members, please make sure your charge cards attached to your account are up to date so you are not delayed in the member lane. Changes to your account can be done by emailing us at Our attendants are usually busy at the carwashes and changes when in line can delay the wash lines. Please keep in mind, the Quiky clock starts ticking once you are scanned for your wash. We recommend, getting through Quikier you use the wash during off peak hours: 9am – 11am or 2pm – 3pm.

We appreciate your business and are working to get you the best wash and experience possible. We take all concerns seriously and are constantly looking at ways to improve our operation. Please contact us at with any comments.

Thank you,
-The Quiky Team